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Rebreathers Simplified, Color Edition

A Complete Guide to Choosing, Understanding and Diving a Closed Circuit Rebreather, Revision 4.0
by Dr. Mel Clark,
Softback, 144 Pages, Richly Illustrated { 21.6 cm W x 27.9 cm H x 1.3 cm D }

This text is an informative guide for rebreather divers or those considering the selection and purchase of a rebreather. The manual is presented in an easy-to-read format and designed to be used by students prior to or during a CCR class. The information can be applied to any rebreather and can be used in conjunction with any agency class material.

Rebreathers SimplifiedAmong the subjects the text discusses are:

  • Rebreather Design
  • Choosing a CCR
  • Rebreather Set-up
  • CCR Skills and Survival Operations
  • Physiology
  • Dive Planning