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CCR Trimix Simplified

CCR Trimix Simplified, Revision 3.0
by Dr. Mel Clark
Softback, Wirebound, 99 Pages, Richly Illustrated { 21.6 cm W x 27.9 cm H x 1.3 cm D }

This text covers CCRTrimix operations on manual and electronic CCR, but does not cover any specific unit. This text starts off where technical nitrox and decompression procedures stops. Written in a clear and concise style with plenty of examples. Focused on the specific issues and needs of the CCR Trimix diver, the text discusses:

CCR Trimix Simplified

  • Gas Properties
  • Decompression Physiology
  • Human Physiology
  • Dive Planning
  • Dive Medicine
  • Equipment
  • Survival Operations