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CCR Cave ‘Almost Simplified’

As There Is Nothing Simple About Cave Diving, Revision 2.0
by Dr. Mel Clark
Softback, Wirebound, 160 Pages, Richly Illustrated { 21.6 cm W x 27.9 cm H x 1.3 cm D }

This book helps the upcoming CCR cave diver get the most out of their class by providing simple and clear information on how to plan for and dive in caves using rebreathers. The text format and pictures make it a fun easy read without any extra information that might not be appropriate or needed and can be used in conjunction with any agency specific training material. Focused on the specific issues and needs of the CCR Cave Diver, the text discusses:

CCR Cave Diving

  • Cave Environment
  • CCR Equipment
  • Hazards
  • Skills
  • Adverse Situations
  • Planning
  • Psychology and Survival