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The Basics of Rebreather Diving

The Basics of Rebreather Diving
by Jill Heinerth
Perfect Bound, 227 Pages, Generously Illustrated { 17.8 cm W x 25.4 cm H x 1.3 cm D }

Providing clear, candid and straightforward information based on her decades of exploration and teaching experience, Jill leads readers through the history, basics and technical aspects of this remarkable, silent approach to diving. If you are looking to purchase a rebreather, this book is an opportunity to learn how to be a wise consumer and make the choice that is right for you. If you already own a rebreather and want a review of academics, recent trends and the future of CCR diving, then this book will offer a chance to update your knowledge. If you want to prevent yourself from joining the ranks of 20 or so people who perish each year on rebreathers, this book will inform you about accident analysis and prevention. A valuable tool and a good read for beginners and accomplished SCUBA divers.

Basics of Rebreather Diving

  • The Basics
  • Equipment Selection
  • Training
  • Physics & Physiology
  • Procedures
  • Failure Modes & Rescue
  • Myths & Culture of Rebreather Diving